Baozhong Lin


8223_副本_副本.jpgMr. Lin Baozhong is the current director of Livestock Engineering and Food Processing Institute of Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences, and a researcher (equivalent to professor) who receives the special scientist allowance by the China State Council.
Lin obtained his B.S. degree from Southwestern University (formerly Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College) in 1981. From June 1986 to April 1987, he studied animal husbandry and veterinary technology in Japan as a visiting scholar. He then received his M.S. degree in Animal Genetics and Breeding from Sichuan Agricultural University in 2000. In October 2000 he was promoted to researcher (equivalent to professor). Since 1981 he has served as deputy director of the experimental pig farm of Sichuan Swine Research Institute, deputy director of the Genetics and Breeding Research Center, director of the Research Center of Pig Production Technologies, and director of the Livestock Engineering and Food Processing Institute of Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences. Concurrently he is serving as standing director of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering –Animal Husbandry Engineering Branch and director of the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine – Swine Production Branch.
Lin’s research and outreach programs mainly focus on: 1) swine production environmental engineering; 2) swine farm design and construction; 3) manure management of swine production; and 4) technology transfer for swine production. He has led or co-led 28 national, provincial, ministerial and municipal research projects; won 13 awards in advancing science and technology; has been granted one national certificate on a new breed of livestock and poultry and four copyrights; compiled six scientific monographs of 3,640,000 words in total; translated one monograph of 86,000 words, written two scripts for special TV educational programs; published 51 scientific papers, and designed 43 modern pig farms.

For his outstanding achievements, Lin has been recognized with numerous honors and awards. In 2011 he was honored with the “Outstanding Professional and Technical Person of Chongqing” award and the “Person of Outstanding Contributions to Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences’ 60th Year Establishment” award. He has been awarded multiple times with the honors of “Outstanding Individual of Chongqing Sci-tech Commission in Supporting the Countryside”, “Excellent Sci-tech Commissioner in UNDP Project”, and “National Excellent Sci-tech Commissioner”.

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