Zuohua Liu


刘院照片(蓝底)_副本.jpgDr. Zuohua Liu is the President of Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences (CAAS), and a Research Scientist. He obtained his B.S. degree in Animal Science in 1985 from Southwestern University (formerly Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College), and received his Ph. D degree in animal nutrition and feed science in 2008 from Sichuan Agricultural University. He had held the posts of Research Assistant and Research Associate since March 1997, and was promoted to Research Scientist  (equivalent to professor) in December 2000. He had served as Assistant to Director of Sichuan Swine Research Institute and Vice-President of Chongqing Academy of Swine Science since October 1997, and was appointed as the President of Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences in July 1998.
As President of CAAS, Dr. Liu united a team of leaders within the CAAS, and under his leadership CAAS has evolved to an advanced scientific research institution which is of the first-class nationally and renowned internationally. As a researcher, Dr. Liu focuses his efforts on: 1) development of animal feed formulation, 2) mechanisms and regulation & control of animal nutrition, and 3) feeds and feeding technologies for  pigs. He has led or co-led 55 research projects funded by national, provincial, ministerial and municipal governments and agencies, obtained 60 million Yuan in total project funding, and won 25 awards. As a renowned expert in his research field, he has served as the Director of Quality Monitoring and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture for Breed Pigs (Chongqing), Special Scientist of Pig Production and Animal Welfare in the Technical System of Pig Industry under the Ministry of Agriculture, and Expert Reviewer for the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
For his outstanding contributions to the animal industry in China (Chongqing), President Liu has received many honors and awards, including the Special Scientist Allowance by the China State Council, National Superior Worker, Top Ten Contributors to the Animal Husbandry in China, Science and Technology Award for Youth by Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies, Excellent Scientist of Chongqing, recognition by CAST as an expert with outstanding contributions to  development of West Regions,
Dr. Liu has authored/co-authored more than 120 papers (14 in refereed journals), compiled 12 monographs, and obtained 7 patents (awarded and pending).

Dr. Liu has been invited to the United States, U.K., Canada, the Netherlands and Denmark for academic exchange and visits.

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