Thomas Banhazi



Dr Thomas Banhazi is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Queensland and his expertise is mainly related Precision Livestock Farming applications. However, his research interests also include thermal and aerial environment of livestock buildings, the effect of airborne pollutants of the health of animals and workers, emission abatement and livestock waste management. He obtained a number of competitive project grants throughout the years with a combined value of approximately 3.5 million dollars. His work included the development of an environmental monitoring system, feed-intake senor, image based weighing system and predictive equations for the concentration and emission of airborne pollutants in/from piggery buildings to ensure that these airborne pollutants can be controlled.


Dr Banhazi has published in excess of 150 journal and international conference papers, in addition to the large number of scientific reports, extension articles and seminar papers he also produced. He is the Chair of the CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering) "Structures and Environment" expert group, as well as the Vice-President of the Australian Society for Engineering in Agricultural (SEAg). In addition he is serving on the executive boards of a number of professional societies, including the International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH) and CIGR.

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