Peter Groot Koerkamp

peter photo.jpgPeter Groot Koerkamp is a professor in Biosystems Engineering at the Farm Technology group since 2005, and was the interim chair holder at the Animal Production Systems group, both at Wageningen University. He is also employed at Wageningen Livestock Research, a research institute for animal production in Lelystad. He studied agricultural engineering (MSc, 1990; with honours), obtained his PhD in 1998 on ammonia emissions from welfare friendly housing systems for laying hens and was a senior researcher working on a wide range of environmental issues and welfare for livestock production systems until 2003. Between 2003 and 2010 he was involved in various projects dealing with  the system analysis and design of sustainable husbandry production systems for poultry, pigs, dairy, rabbits and goats. Nowadays he focuses on two research fields. The first is the design methodology for integral sustainable animal productions systems, integrating knowledge and understanding from various disciplines like welfare & health of animals, animal physiology, environmental impact, engineering, innovation studies and societal studies. The second is the health of animals, with specific attention on presence and dispersion of airborne pathogens, detection of parasites in livestock housing systems and methods to identify the health status of animals based on non-invasive bio-indicators.

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