Guoqiang Zhang


photo_副本.jpgGuoqiang Zhang received the B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Jilin University of Technology, Changchun, China, in 1982, and the Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from the Royal Veterinary- and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1989. He is currently a  Senior Scientist at Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Aarhus University, Denmark, and an Adjunct Professor in China Agricultural University. His research interests include indoor environmental and climatic control for livestock buildings, process modeling and experimental airflow dynamics in room, mass transfer in emission boundary layer. In his research career, he also evolved in many research activities on automation, remote sensing and information technology in agricultural & bio-systems process. Dr. Zhang has over 180 international scientific publications in the areas of air quality, environment and bio-systems engineering.

As principle supervisor and co-supervisor, has supervised 8 Ph.D.s in the areas of “computer climate control”, “air distribution” in livestock buildings, and gas & odour emission from buildings with “mechanical” and “natural ventilations”, “numerical modelling of ventilation airflow, emission & air quality”, “Mass transfer processes of odorants in aerial boundary layers”, “Direct Numerical Simulation of Airflow Characteristics around Buildings ” as well as “Modelling & Reducing emission from Naturally Ventilated livestock buildings”.
As Principle Supervisor, has supervised 2 postdoc on “remote sensing for agriculture” and “CFD simulation of air motion in livestock buildings” respectively.
Is currently responsible for supervision of 2 Ph.D. projects: (1), Optimal pit ventilation to reduce ammonia and odour emission from pig production buildings” at AU (principle supervisor); and (2) “Wind driven ventilation control in livestock building” at AU (principle supervisor), as well as A postdoc project “Smart Ventilation for future livestock buildings”.

He teaches both master and Ph.D. Courses in building environmental control, measurements and modeling of air motion in room, emission and mass transfer, ventilation system design & analyses. He is a Member of Danish Society of Engineers, Danish Society of Agricultural Engineering, European Agricultural Engineering Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists and CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering).

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