Lingying Zhao


Lingying Zhao, Ph.D, Professor
Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering,
The Ohio State University
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    Ph.D., May 2000, in Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign  
    M.S., Aug. 1990, in Bio-environment Engineering, China Agricultural University    
    B.S., July 1987, in Structural and Environmental Engineering, China Agricultural University    
Professional Employment:
    Professor, 06/2015-date, Department of Food, Agri. and Biological Engineering, The Ohio State University (OSU)
    Director of enCORE, OSU Solar Decathlon House, 11/ 2014-date
    Associate Professor, 10/2008 – 05/2015, Department of Food, Agri. and Biological Engineering, OSU
    Assistant Professor, 10/2001-10/2008, Department of Food, Agri. and Biological Engineering, OSU
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, 8/00- 9/01, Agricultural Engineering, UIUC
    Agricultural Project Engineer, 8/98 – 8/00, American Technology Products, Inc. (ATP)
    Graduate Research Assistant, 8/95 – 5/99, Agricultural Engineering, UIUC
    Researcher and Instructor, 8/90 - 8/95, National Bio-environmental Engineering Lab of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, BAEU, Beijing, China.
Research experience and Interest:
    Dr. Zhao’s research goal is to discover knowledge and develop new technologies for effective management of indoor environment and air emissions from agriculture animal operations to improve health and the environmental quality,   promote renewable energy or product generation, abate greenhouse effects, and enhance competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural animal production industries. The specific areas of interest are:
    Measurement and modeling of air emissions from animal production facilities to assess their health and environmental impacts with foci of ammonia, particulate matter, and greenhouse gas emissions;
    Development of effective mitigation technology to reduce air emissions and promote production of fertilizer and bioenergy;
    Innovative ventilation and indoor environmental quality control systems to improve health, food safety, and energy efficiency;
    Precision livestock operation
    Green residential buildings and animal production systems with alternative environmental control system using renewable energy; and
    Educational research on the effectiveness of eLearning on Controlled Environment Animal Production.
Honors and Awards
     First Place of Research Poster, OSU Extension 2014 Annual Conference and Research Colloquium.
    Fellow of 2014-2015 OSTEP Community on Internationalization of the Curriculum, OSU University Center for the Advancement of Teaching, the Office of International Affaire, and the Office of Undergraduate Education
    First Price for Web Site/Online Content Agricultural Air Quality for 2013 NACAA (National Association of County Agricultural Agents) Communications Contest, Amanda Douridas & Dr. Lingying Zhao.  
    Member of the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) Animal Feeding Operations Emission Review Panel, since 2012.
    Educational Materials Awards, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, The Science Source for Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Issues, 2011.
    Early Career Award, Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers, 2010.
    Information and Electrical Technologies (IET) Division Select Paper Award, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 2008.
    Lumley Research Award, College of Engineering, OSU, 2008.
    Clean Air Award, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, 2008.
    Price Chair Advising Award, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University, 2007.
    Paper Award of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 2006.
    Award of Teaching Enhancement for Early Career Faculty, Ohio State Teaching Enhancement Program, The Ohio State University, 2003.
Patents (or pending applications):
    Zhao, L.Y., R. Manuzon, R. and L. J. Hadlocon. “Wet Scrubber for Ammonia Capture”.  US patent 8,961,915. Awarded 02/2015.
    Zhao, L.Y., R. Manuzon, R. and L. J. Hadlocon. “Wet Scrubber Apparatus for Ammonia Capture ”. A pending US patent application with an application number: 14/538,094. 
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