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    IRCAEW Members and Bios

    1.University of Aarhus (Denmark) Zhang Guoqiang 2.Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences (China) Liu Zuohua Lin Baozhong 3.China Agricultural University (China) Li Baoming 4.Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University (China) Bao Jun 5.Iowa S


    InternationalResearch Centerfor Animal Environment and Welfare(Adopted October21, 2011) NameThe Chinese name is “国际动物环境与福利研究中心”.T

    Organization Structure

    Secretary General---Zuohua LiuOffice ---Chaoyuan Wang ---Wen Liu Overseas Chair---Hongwei Xin Vice chair----Qiang ZhangChinese


    In order to fully utilize the intellectual resources of global scientific communities, promote the exchanges of viewpoints and research endeavors concerning improvement of animal environment and welfare, the International Research Center for Animal Enviro
  U.S. Pork Center of Excellence U.S. National Pork Board Canada. Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare - University of Guelph
  U.S. Egg Industry Center U.K. Farm Animal Welfare Council China Agricultural University
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