InternationalResearch Center for Animal Environment and Welfare in Missouri, located at University of Missouri
  1. Format of Operation
The operation of the Center shall be administratively independent of the collaboration institutions. When applying for research funding and projects to national and international agencies, one of the collaboration institutions may be the lead applicant. The received funding for the project shall be shared by the institutions that participate in the project. The lead institution shall manage the funds. The funds shall not be used for any other purposes but for the project.
  1. Management
The center shall be managed by the Board of Directors.
6.1     The Board of Directors shall consist of: one (1) Chair, one (1) Chinese Secretary, and seven (7) Directors. Each involved institution should at least have one (1) board of director.
6.2     The Chair shall be a Director from one of the eight participating institutions, and the chairship rotates every year among the institutions.
6.3     Secretary shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.
6.4     The Board of Directors shall appoint nationally and internationally renowned experts in animal environment as advisors to the board.
6.5     The responsibilities of Board of Directors shall be:
·       Providing the direction and guidance to the Center
·       Managing and coordinating the Center activities
·       Representing the Center in dealing with other professional organizations, industry, and governments. 
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