The Board of Directors shall appoint nationally and internationally renowned experts in the relevant areas on the committees.
7.     Scientific Activities
The centermay identify the research need and develop strategies for the animal husbandry; apply for joint research projects; organize seminars; hold training workshops; organize and coordinate visits and information exchange among the participating institutions; set up and maintain a web site for the Center; and publish research and extension articles.
8.     Operating Funds
 The annual operating funds shall be provided by the Chinese institution. For special events, such as conferences and seminars, the registration fees may be collected to cover the cost.
9.     Termination and Amendment
This constitution will be valid for ten (10) years after approval by the representatives of the eight participating institutions. Extension and amendments need the unanimous approval by the Board of Directors.
Each institution represents that the individuals signing this CONSTITUTION have the authority to sign in the capacity indicated.
CAAS:         Dr. Zuohua Liu, Professor
Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences
  U.S. Pork Center of Excellence U.S. National Pork Board Canada. Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare - University of Guelph
  U.S. Egg Industry Center U.K. Farm Animal Welfare Council China Agricultural University
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