2013 Symposium (Oct 19-22, 2013, Rongchang, Chongqing, China)

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08:00-08:25 Dr. Baoming LI, Professor of Agricultural Engineering, China Agricultural University, China: Overview of swine and poultry housing systems in China
08:25-08:50 Dr. Justin CHEPETE, Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering and Land Planning, Botswana College of Agriculture, Botswana: Overview of swine and poultry housing systems in Botswana/Africa-challenges and opportunities
08:50-09:15  Dr. Qiang ZHANG, Professor of Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada: How does the canadian quota system work for its animal production?
09:15-09:40  Dr. Teng Teeh LIM, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering, University of Missouri, USA: The role of extension in modernizing animal production
09:40-10:05 Dr. Peter Groot KOERKAMP, Professor of Biosystems Engineering, Wageningen University, The Netherlands: The experience of roundel laying-hen production system
10:05-10:30 Dr. Daniel BERCKMANS, Professor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium: Precision livestock farming to improve animal production sustainability
10:30-10:50   Coffee/Tea Break
10:50-12:05   Concurrent Session I: Manure Management and Utilization
            Location: Days Hotel
          Moderators: Dr. Thomas BANHAZI and Dr. Daniel ANDERSEN    
10:50-11:05 Dr. Shafiqur RAHMAN, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, USA: Application of nanoparticles (NPs) in livestock manure and their effects on air emissions
            (D. P. Gautam, S. Rahman, M. S. Borhan, A. Bezbaruah)
11:05-11:20  Dr. Daniel ANDERSEN, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University, USA: A simple lab-assay method for estimating methane emissions from deep-pit manure storages
(D.S. Andersen & M.B. Van Weelden)
11:20-11:35  Dr. Daniel ANDERSEN, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University, USA: Evaluation of the economic constraints on nutrient partitioning systems to reduce the costs of land application of manures
(D.S. Andersen)
11:35-11:50 Luyu DING, College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, China: Effects of configuration and headspace wind profile on the performances of flux chambers in gas emission measurement: a laboratory study
            (L. Ding, Q. Lu, Z. Shi, C. Wang)
11:50-12:05  Xiao WU, Southern Research and Outreach Center, University of Minnesota, USA: The impact of crop residues on biogas and CH
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