2013 Symposium (Oct 19-22, 2013, Rongchang, Chongqing, China)

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13:50-14:05 Dr. Ailian GENG, Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, China: Effects of photoperiod on incidence of broody behavior and hormonal changes in native laying hens
(A. Geng, Y. Zhang, J. Zhang, Q. Chu, H. Wang, H. Liu)
14:05-14:20  Dr. Hui CHEN, College of Animal Science and Technology, Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding , Hebei, China: Comparing of individual feed, water intake and excretion of hens kept in intelligent hencoop under different photoperiods
            (H. Chen, L. Li, K. Di, K. Bai, S. Ge, R. Huang)
14:20-14:35  Arda AYDIN, Department of Biosystems, KU Leuven, Belgium: Measuring feed intake of broilers by real time sound analysis
(A. Aydin, C. Bahr, and D. Berckmans)
14:35-14:50 Ali YOUSSEF, M3-BIORES: Measure, Model & Manage Bioresponses Catholic Universiteit Leuven: Model-based monitoring of chickens’ activity in small ventilated chamber
(A. Youssef, V. Exadaktylos, and D. Berckmans)
14:50-15:05  Dr. Jeremiah D. Davis, Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Mississippi State University, USA: 3D scanning methodology to characterize physical geometries, surface area and envelope volume of poultry, livestock and equine
            (J. D. Davis, E. J. Koury, and J. L. Purswell)
15:05-15:35   Coffee/Tea Break
15:35-15:50  Hongya ZHENG, College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, China: A preliminary study: the effect of different nest width in communal nests on nest usage uniformity and proportion of mislaid eggs in the perchery system
(H. Zheng, G. Chen, Z. Shi, and B. Li)
15:50-16:05  Minsi LU, Department of Biosystems Engineering, Zhejiang University, China: Behavior preference and performance of female broilers under different yellow LED lighting intensities
(M. Lu, W. Lin , Z. Lu, Y. Yu, J. Pan)
16:05-16:20 Dr. Lingjuan WANG-LI, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA: Performance of a poultry engineering chamber complex for animal environment, air quality and animal welfare studies
            (L. Wang-Li, Y. Xu, A. P. S. Kumar, R. Mulina, M. Adcock, C. Tutor, J. Brake, and M. Williams)
16:20-16:35  Dr. Peter D. KRAWCZEL, Department of Animal Science, University of Tennessee, USA: Behavioral response to mastitis challenge from Holstein dairy cows in early lactation
(P. D. Krawczel, G. M. Pighetti, R. A. Almeida, S. I. Headrick, L. J. Siebert, M. Lewis, C. Young, R. A. Black, and S. P. Oliver)
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