2014 BOD Meeting of International Research Center for Animal Environment and Welfare

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Ha'erbin, China  September 12-14, 2014

Since the establishment of International Research Center for Animal Environment and Welfare (IRCAEW) in 2011, several events including international symposia, industrial services and discussions have been successfully held under the framework of the Constitution. To continue enhancing cooperation among the members, raise more international impact/awareness and improve the structure, the next IRCAEW BOD meeting has been finalized to be held on September 12-14, 2014 in Ha'erbin, China, in conjunction with the 2014 CIGR World Congress (September 16-19, Beijing). The BOD meeting will be sponsored by IRCAEW and locally hosted by Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU), China. All IRCAEW members are invited to attend the 2014 BOD meeting to exchange/discuss/explore the cutting–edge research, cooperative projects, recruitment of new membership and other issues concerning the center’s operation.
The preliminary schedule and agenda of the BOD meeting are:
Sunday, September 12
    Arrival in Ha'erbin and Onsite Registration
Monday, September 13 (Technical Sessions)
    1. Members report on current research endeavors concerning animal environmentand welfare. Tentatively each member is allotted 20 minutes.
    2. Regulation and technical solutions on disposal of poultry and swine mortalities,especially arising from disease breakout. It is desirable to hear about the situationsand practices in Australia, China, Canada, Europe, and United States. To start with,volunteers are being sought and appreciated.
Tuesday, September 14
    Morning: BOD meetings
      1. Recruitment of new membership
      2. Discussion on potential cooperative project(s)
      3. IRCAEW operation
      4. Dates and place of next meeting
    Afternoon: Technical tour
Wednesday, September 15
    Travel to Beijing for 2014 CIGR World Congress (Optional)
    Ha'erbin, China
  The members are to be responsible for own international airfare. Local costs includingdomestic travel, lodging, and meals will be covered by the Center and NEAU.
Sponsored by:
    International Research Center for Animal Environment and Welfare
Hosted by:
    Northeast Agricultural University, China
    China Agricultural University, China
    Dr. Jun BAO, Professor and President, Northeast Agricultural University, China
    Dr. Baoming LI, Professor and Associate Dean, China Agricultural University, China
    Dr. Hongwei XIN, Professor, Iowa State University, Director of Egg Industry Center, USA
For further information contact:
    Dr. Weichao ZHENG or Dr. Chaoyuan WANG
    Department of Agricultural Structure and Bioenvironmental Engineering
    China Agricultural University, Mail Box 67, Beijing 100083, China
    Phone: +86 10 6273 6904; Fax: +86 10 6273 7570;
    Email: weichao4275@163.com; gotowchy@cau.edu.cn
  1. IRCAEW Members and Bios
  3. Organization Structure
  5. Robert T. Burns
  6. Welcome to 2017 International Symposium
  7. Hongwei Xin
  8. PPT
  10. Jiqin Ni
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