ISAEW2015 Was Successfully Held in Chongqing

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On October 23-26, the ISAEW2015 was successfully held in Rongchang, Chongqing, which was jointly sponsored by the International Research Center for Animal Environment and Welfare (IRCAEW) and the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering. This biennial symposium aims to address issues facing the global animal production industry by bringing together some of the best minds and future professionals in multiple disciplines from around the world to share the latest research, technological advancements, farm level application, and future visions in this field. More than 40 overseas elites in animal environment and welfare from 12 countries, including USA, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Italia, Australia and Egypt, together with 150 domestic experts and industry leaders, as well as 100 technical staff from the local host, exchanged the latest findings in R & D and applications.

Prof. Jun Bao, president of Northeast Agriculture University presided over the opening ceremony. Prof. Baoming Li from China Agricultural University (CAU), co-chair of IRCAEW, as well as Prof. Zuohua Liu, president of Chongqing Academy of Animal Science (CAAS) welcomed all the attendees in their opening remarks. Prof. Xiwen Luo, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, presented the challenges and shared his thoughts on the sustainable development of animal production industry in China in the opening remark. Prof. Maohua Wang, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a keynote speech, reviewing the current issues of animal husbandry in China, and emphasized the importance of innovation of Precision Livestock Farming on promoting the development of livestock industry by integrating Information and Communication Technology. Mr. Thomas Herbert, former undersecretary of US Department of Agriculture shared his perspective on world animal agriculture sustainability in his keynote speech.
Forty nine talks were given on the conference, which were closely related to the state of the science and applications on the thematic topics, including sustainability and fundamentals of animal agriculture, animal behavior and welfare, precision livestock farming, alternative production systems, animal manure treatment and nutrient management, and animal environmental control and stewardship, etc. Along with the invited presentations,a volume of conference proceedings including 44 contributing papers and CD were produced, and 19 posters were exhibited.
Concurrently, the IRCEAW board of director of meeting was held in CAAS. Prof. Hongwei Xin, and Prof. Baoming Li, called and co-chaired the meeting. Dr, Jiqin Ni from Purdue University, USA, co-chair of the proceedings committee reported the editing and publishing of the proceedings. Prof. Zuohua Liu, made an annual report on IRCAEW. Prof. Daniel Berckmans introduced the experiences of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) in EU, and proposed the joint efforts to push forward PLF in Asia. At the meeting, Prof. Xiwen Luo, representing South China Agricultural University, Prof. Marcella Guarino, representing University of Milan, Italy, and Dr. Robert Spajić, representing University of J.J. Strossmayer, Osijek,Croatia, were nominated and approved as new membership institutions of IRCAEW, respectively.


Group photo of ISAEW2015 participants

Jun Bao presided over the opening ceremony.

Academician Xiwen Luo addressed opening ceremony. 



Prof. Maohua Wang, gave a keynote speech.


 Mr. Thomas Herbert, gave a keynote speech.


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