Center of Ministry of Agriculture for Quality Assurance and Test of Breeding Pigs (Chongqing)

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Center of Quality Test and Supervision for Breeding Swine of Ministry of Agriculture (Chongqing) is the first quality assurance testing agency of the ministerial level in the Southwest region. Although the center is located in Chongqing and rooted in the Southwest region, it is open to the whole country by providing such services as quality assurance testing of breeding swine stocks, as well as health and safety inspections on feeds, veterinary drugs and foods.
The center boasts complete performance testing facilities for breeding pigs, fully equipped laboratories and genetic assessment centers. Advanced instrument and equipment in the center include fully automated productivity testing systems, high performance liquid chromatographs, gas chromatographs, automatic protein analyzers, fully automated fat extractors, and atomic absorption instruments.
 The scope of testing offered by the center includes the growth and development testing of pigs, reproductive performance assessment, fattening performance assessment, carcass quality assessment, and muscle quality assessment. The center has abilities to test essential nutrients of the feeds, ingredients of veterinary drugs, pesticide residues of agricultural products.
Main functions and responsibilities:
1. At the request of the agricultural department and other agencies, certify and verify on the quality of breeding pigs, new varieties, and strains, as well as associated commercial lines   and research results.
2. Be responsible for or participate in establishing and amending national and industry standards, and conducting tests to verify the relevant standards.
3. Inspections of food hygiene and the safety of agricultural products, as well as inspections on feeds, veterinary drugs, and etc, as entrusted by other organizations/agencies.
The center operates in the principle of being "Fair, Scientific, Accurate, and Standardized (consistent) " to satisfy the societal needs, and protect the interests of the country, producers and consumers. The center, under the spirit of solidarity, hardworking, pioneering and innovation aims to contribute to the modernization of agriculture in China.
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