Chongqing Swine Breeding Farm

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Chongqing Genetic Pig Farm (CGPF) is a National Key Livestock and Poultry Breeding Farm and a protected national resource farm, which maintains pure genetic lines of Danish Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc and Rongchang pigs. It is the only pig breeding farm located in Rongchang Core Area of Demonstration Zone of China Modern Animal Industry. Covering an area of 220 mu and situated at Gaoci Village, Guangshun Street Office, Rongchang, Chongqing, the farm enjoys advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, with 3km from the downtown area and 5 km from the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway Entrance. With a capability of 1,000 basal sows, the farm integrates the functions of scientific research, personnel training, and technical services. The farm has a total building floor area more than 16,000 square meters. There is a pig performance test station on the farm. The computer technologies and closed-circuit surveillance used in production and breeding management. The open and closed strategy are combined in nucleuses herd selection, The classical quantitative genetic approaches are combined with such innovative and high technologies as computer technologies, biotechnology, system engineering, and the like to estimate breeding values, selection indexes, and genetic parameters, consequently making the breed selection more quantitative, precise and forward-looking.
The CGPF adopted a world most advanced digital sow feeding system (Netherlands Nedap Company), with 6 single, automatic precision feeders, 1 automatic oestrus detector and 1 automatic separator Sows are group housed. The barns are divided into various functional areas based on sows’ biological characteristics, including the feeding area, drinking area, sleeping area and dunging area. Furthermore, an oestrus monitoring area and separation area are allocated. The sows are not limited in narrow stalls, their living environment is improved, and consequently the stress is reduced. The system accommodates sows’ biological and behavior needs, and thus  animal welfare is improved.
The CGPF has established another production line based on the needs of pigs at different growing phases. Small units are used for farrowing sows and nursing piglets to meet the all-in and all-out requirement. The new equipment is selected by considering as the lying and standing behavior of sows. The adjustability of the equipment also enables the sows easily to get used to the new environment gradually. Insulated wooden boxes are adopted to keep piglets warm and ensure the sound living and production of the piglets. high boards are used for the nursing piglets. Allocation of areas for dry sows, replacement herds, and boars also reflects the prudent implementation of "animal welfare".
The importance of waste management was also carefully considered in designing the CGPF, following the guiding principle of converting waste to valuable products. Through solid-liquid separation, solid manure is returned to the land, while liquid is discharged into the outdoor collection system. After being fermented in an anaerobic fermentation tank, the effluent is guided into an aerobic tank, an aeration tank, and then a constructed wetland to meet Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Livestock and Poultry Industry. 
From overall facility planning and design, to production, and to selection of construction materials, Chongqing Genetic Pig Farm highlights the characteristics of digital farming and animal welfare. The concept of “clean pig farm” is clearly reflected in the actual operation of the farm.
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