Ventilation Systems for Farm Animal Housing in the United States

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Steven J. Hoff, PhD, PE
Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University and Fellow American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Significant advancements in US animal housing system design and control have been realized over the past two decades. The movement toward more fan ventilated, tunnel designed systems, has resulted in better control of the animal’s climate, driven mainly by the need for better heat stress control. This movement has been especially prevalent in broiler and dairy housing systems where attention has focused on better airspeed control combined with air cooling systems. This paper will focus attention on the swine, beef, dairy, broiler, and layer housing systems and the advancements in climate control strategies, climate sensing, and ventilation system design and the logic behind these advancements. Housing design strategies in terms of overall structural design, combined with fan design and control, and sensor and controller technology advancement and capabilities will be discussed. Further, animal housing designs aimed at virus control and protection will be discussed especially as it relates to swine housing systems.  Future considerations for farm animal systems will highlight the significance of housing design on heat stress control. This discussion will focus attention on the significance of the heat exchange that exists between the animal and the surrounding climate and housing design and climate control strategies that can be used to positively affect the animal’s response to the environment in our attempt to capture the genetic potential of farm animals.
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