Latest Research and Field Demonstrations to Improve Air Quality for Animal Production in USA

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Ji-Qin Ni
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University
225 S University St., West Lafayette, IN 47906, USA. Email:
Air pollutants in animal production are associated with indoor air quality, which could affect worker and animal health and animal welfare, and outdoor air quality, which could contribute to environmental pollution, ecological damage, and potential climate change. There has been an increasing interest in reducing production and emissions of air pollutants, including gases (mainly ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and greenhouse gases), odor, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOC), to improve air quality in animal agriculture in the USA. Recent research and demonstration efforts have been made on scientific studies to gain insights into agricultural air quality and on technology development to expand our ability for conducting research and reducing air pollution. Research and demonstration focuses were on (1) identification, quantification, life cycle analysis, and interpretation of air pollination and air quality, (2) effects of air quality on animal production and welfare, and on environmental pollution, and (3) technologies for pollution mitigation. Mitigation approaches can be classified as pre-excretion (e.g., diet manipulation and feed additive), pre-release (e.g., manure additives and new building design), and pre-emission (e.g., filtering, scrubbing, and capturing). While improving indoor air quality is still a main research topic, more emphasis has been given to reducing pollutant emissions. Although most of the research and demonstration are continuation and improvement of previous efforts, there have been new scientific knowledge gained and new technologies and methodologies under development. However, many technologies, which have been demonstrated at field conditions, are still in a limited scale of application at commercial animal feeding operations.
Keywords: Air pollution, indoor air quality, mitigation technology, pollutant emission, scientific research, USA
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