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Daniel Berckmans obtained a Masters in Bio-engineering and received his PhD (1986) in Agricultural Sciences from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
He started his career as Free Assistant for 1 year at the Laboratory for Agricultural Building Research K.U. Leuven in 1977, then as Assistant at the IWONL-Centre (Institute for Scientific Research for Industry and Agriculture) and assistant at the K.U.Leuven. 6 months after finishing the Ph. D in 1986 he was nominated as Research Associate and later Research Director for the National Fund for Scientific Research Belgium. In 1987, he also became Lecturer and in 1989 Professor at the K.U.Leuven. Since 1998, he is Full Professor at the K.U. Leuven and Head of the Division M3-Biores (Measure, Model & Manage Bio-responses).
During the last 20 years, the research group M3-Biores, under the guidance of Daniel Berckmans, further expanded and for the last 15 years continuously counts more than 20 researchers who prepare their PhD. Approx. Over 200 peer reviewed journal publications have been made, Over 150 master theses for engineers have been finished and over 350 papers published in journals and proceedings, in co-operation with several research groups all over the world.  9 PhD students obtained their PhD degree in the last 5 years. 
The main field of research consists of real time signal analysis of humans, animals and plants including bio-environmental monitoring and management. The focus of the research team lies on the development of model based algorithms to monitor and control Complex, Individual and Time varying Dynamic (CITD) living organisms. The group is doing research and pioneering with the approach of Precision Livestock Farming since 1991. This approach is applied to humans, animals and plants.
In 2013 he was a main driver in creating in KU Leuven a new masters education named “Human Health Engineering”. A 2 years masters with focus on development of technology for healthy people: sleepiness monitoring, stress monitoring, condition monitoring, etc. This as a result of exciting projects in the recent parts such as condition monitoring for the AC Milan soccer team, algorithms in the Adidas MI coach T-shirt, sleepiness monitoring for automotive, stress monitoring for race drivers.
Daniel Berckmans has been a member of more than 64 PhD commissions in 7 different countries. Since 1982, a total of 14 products have been developed for the world market, in co-operation with industrial partners with whom royalty agreements were concluded.
Research Funding
During the last 20 years the team permanently had more than 20 Ph. D’s working in the group. The entire team – except of 3 positions - is paid on research projects and competitive research money. 13 patents have been submitted and 22 projects with a mean value of 400.000 euro per project are continuously managed within the group. Today the group is coordinating EU projects for a value of 8.4 M euro.
Daniel is involved in the teaching of 7 courses in the Masters of Bio Systems engineering in the KU Leuven at level of bachelors and masters. He is member of the steering board of the faculty since 2002. The research team has taken the initiative to start a new Masters: Human Health Engineering in 2012: technology monitoring and improving condition and health of healthy people.
International activities and Memberships:
The research group M3-BIORES has collaboration and written agreements with over 38 research teams worldwide and has exclusive long term contracts with industrial partners worldwide. Daniel is Member of several international scientific organisations and working groups i.e. the ASABE, ASHRAE, IFAC, CIGR.
From 2001-2006, co-chair of the Technical Committee II of the CIGR (Commission International du Genie Rural). From 2006 – 2009, Chair of CIGR Section II
Coordinator of the European Committee for Precision Livestock Farming (since 2003).
Head of the Laboratory for Agricultural Buildings Research since 1991, name was changed in 1998 into M3-BIORES.
Head of the Division Bio-environment control since 2000.
Head of the Division M3-Biores since 1998.
-  International peer reviewed journal publications in Science Citation Index: over 250
-  Papers for conferences   : over 350
- Patents: 15
- Product Development: products sold in the world market by industrial companies: 14 products
- Spin-off Companies: BioRICS NV in 2006 and Soundtalks NV in 2011.
Tel: + 32 16 32 17 26
Mob: + 32 479 98 38 19
Address: Kasteelpark Arenberg 30,  3001 Leuven-Heverlee Belgium
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